BABIL, IRAQ - Soldiers listen to the jokes of comic April Macie at an outdoor stage on Contingency Operating Site Kalsu Monday.  Macie's performance received non-stop laughter and applause from the servicemembers at the show.  

Sgt. Matthew P. Buglehall, personal security officer for USD-South and 36th Infantry Division Command Sgt. Maj. Wilson L. Early teaches comedian April Macie how to use the M4 rifle, March 14, during a USO-sponsored all female comedy event.

April Macie was voted the "Funniest and Hottest" comedian in America on "The Howard Stern Show" in 2008, and appeared on "The Last Comic Standing," but today she's making headlines due to a controversial joke about smacking kids.

April Macie was the girl in high school that all the rumors were started about. And while some girls in that situation will turned to sports, food, or friends for comfort, April turned to comedy. Well, she turned to that and promiscuity.

How much do we like scenes in old movies where the tiny, pointy-tailed devil sits on one shoulder and the hand-wringing, be-winged angel on the other? And the unlikely pair both whisper madly into the large human's ears about his next act? We love them.

April Macie, the final contestant, came in with "my big cans, my Eastern European flapwagons" hanging out. April said she'd banged quite a few comedians, including Mitch Fatel - one of the show's former interns.

Comedian April Macie visited The Howard Stern Show Thursday morning to talk about her new stand-up tour and Mitch Fatel's creepy waxing habits. April Macie recently won The Howard Stern Show's "Hottest Funniest Comedian" competition.

If you do not know who April Macie is, then you might want to take a few seconds and check her out (her pictures are all over the internet). Not just because April Macie is a hot young comedienne, but because she's  simply hot.

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